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By avatar Doemela | June 29, 2016 - 9:50 pm | Posted in Main

Configuring your client and connecting over Tor In order to connect to our IRC using Tor you will have to configure a few things. Notice: Tor uses two different ports: 9050 and 9150 . If you will not be able to connect with 9050, you can try with 9150 First thing is to set up Read more » 

By avatar Doemela | - 9:48 pm | Posted in Main

You need to have already i2p running, if it’s not the case, check https://archive.cyberguerrilla.org/a/2011/?p=1748 Now we need to create a tunnel to go on the IRC through i2p, so go on this page and create a tunnel for IRC (“New client tunnel:” at bottom of page). New client tunnel: Choice IRC Name:(N): Give it Read more » 

By avatar RedAcor | - 9:35 pm | Posted in Main

..::| Basic IRC Commands for CgAn |::… Important Notice: When you need help, everytime you can join #help channel and ask help. Or you can ask help with this command: /helpserv request yourtext Example: /helpserv request i can register my nick Read CgAn IRC Network Rules /RULES ..::| You can use these acronyms instead of: Read more » 

By avatar Doemela | - 9:27 pm | Posted in Main

A certificate signed by a trusted root CA will work, but is unnecessary. A self-signed certificate can be created for free, with OpenSSL. If a client certificate is self-signed, ircd will only verify that it is not expired. If the client certificate is not self-signed, then it must verify completely, as openssl verify would do. Read more »