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By Doemela avatar | June 29, 2016 - 10:11 pm
Cyberguerrilla onion Pidgin Client setup

Pidgin is the most popular instant message client for GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac. You can download Pidgin from pidgin.im/download. For Mac, check out Adium, the native build of pidgin for Mac.

When you start pidgin, hit Ctrl+A –>> the Add… button to add an account.
Select Protocol: XMPP

  1. Under Basic tab, set these values:
    Username: your CgAn username
    Domain: jab.cyberguerrilla.org
    Password: your CgAn Passwords

  2. Under Advanced tab, set these values:
    Connection Security: Require encryption
    Connect Port: 5222
    Connect Server: u7o4xtwomx3hnumt.onion
    File Transfer Proxies: proxy.cyberguerrilla.org

  3. Under Proxy tab, check these values:
    Set the proxy type to be Socks5, set the host and port as shown in the image, and set your username and password if u have set that up.
    Notice: Tor uses two different ports: 9050 and 9150 . If you will not be able to connect with 9050, you can try with 9150
    If u select: “Create this new account on the server” it will register a account for you after you push Add button.
registernewaccount registersuccess

Using OTR

See the Off the Record tutorial for details on using end-to-end encryption with Pidgin.

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