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By RedAcor avatar | June 29, 2016 - 9:35 pm
Cyberguerrilla Basic IRC Commands

..::| Basic IRC Commands for CgAn |::…

Important Notice:

When you need help, everytime you can join #help channel and ask help.
Or you can ask help with this command:

/helpserv request yourtext

/helpserv request i can register my nick

Read CgAn IRC Network Rules


..::| You can use these acronyms instead of:

/msg chanserv=/cs
/msg nickserv=/ns
/msg botserv=/bs
/msg memoserv=/ms

..::| How can check service commands if i need help?

/msg chanserv help
/msg nickserv help
/msg botserv help

..::| How can i register my nick?

/msg nickserv register yourpassword

/msg chanserv register Blah

..::| How can i identify my nick?

P.S.: If you registered your nick, you have to identify your nick when you connect network/server.

/msg nickserv identify yourpassword

/msg nickserv identify Blah

..::| How can i vhost for my nick?

/join #vhost

!vhost example.vhost.duh

!vhost Anonymous.Is.Not.A.Club

..::| How can i see channel list?


P.S.: If you use WebChat, press “status” tab on top

..::| How can i join a channel?

/join #channelname

..::| How can i see channel topic?


..::| How can i leave a channel?

/part #channelname yourparttext

/part #anonymous See You Tomorrow

..::| How can i change my nickname?

/nick newnickname

..::| How can i register a channel?

/join #channelname
/msg chanserv register #channelname

/msg chanserv register #anonymous

..::| How can i remove/delete/drop my channel?

/msg chanserv drop #channelname

Chanserv will send you notice like that to confirm: “To avoid accidental use of this command, this operation has to be confirmed. Please confirm by replying with /msg ChanServ DROP #blala Password”

You should copy and paste this part to confirm:

/msg ChanServ DROP #blala Password

..::| How can i assign/invite “channel bot” to my channel?

Check Bot List:
/msg botserv botlist

Choose one bot and assign it:

/msg botserv assign Emma

..::| How can i hide my channel from channel list?

/msg chanserv #channelname mlock +s

..::| How can i set password/key to my channel?

/msg chanserv set #channelname mlock +k ChannelPassword/Key

/msg chanserv set #Anonymous mlock +k AnonymousIsNotYourPersonalArmy

To join channel:
/join #Anonymous AnonymousIsNotYourPersonalArmy

To remove password/key:
/msg chanserv set #channelname mlock -k

..::| How can i make invite-only channel?

/msg chanserv set #channelname mlock +i

/msg chanserv set #Anonymous mlock +i

P.S.: You have to use these command to join channel
/msg chanserv invite #channelname
/join #channelname

..::| How can i add other users to my channel’s access list?

Adding voice: /msg chanserv vop #channelname add nickname
Adding halfop: /msg chanserv hop #channelname add nickname
Adding op: /msg chanserv aop #channelname add nickname
Adding sop: /msg chanserv sop #channelname add nickname

If you have channel bot in your channel, you can use “fantasy commands”:

!vop add nickname
!hop add nickname
!aop add nickname
!sop add nickname

P.S.: If you wanna remove user’s from access list use “del” instead “add”

/msg chanserv vop #anonymous del nickname
/msg chanserv access #anonymous del nickname

You can use flags to add a user to your channel’s access list:

+v – Enables use of the voice/devoice commands.
+V – Enables automatic voice.
+h – Enables use of the halfop/dehalfop commands.
+H – Enables automatic halfop.
+o – Enables use of the op/deop commands.
+O – Enables automatic op.
+a – Enables use of the protect/deprotect commands.
+q – Enables use of the owner/deowner commands.
+s – Enables use of the set command.
+i – Enables use of the invite and getkey commands.
+r – Enables use of the kick, kickban, ban and unban commands.
+r – Enables use of the ban and unban commands.
+r – Enables use of the unban command.
+R – Enables use of the recover and clear commands.
+f – Enables modification of channel access lists.
+t – Enables use of the topic and topicappend commands.
+A – Enables viewing of channel access lists.
+S – Marks the user as a successor.
+F – Grants full founder access.
+b – Enables automatic kickban.

Adding voice: /msg chanserv flags #channelname nickname +AV
Adding halfop: /msg chanserv hop #channelname nickname +AHhirtv
Adding op: /msg chanserv aop #channelname nickname +AOhiortv
Adding sop: /msg chanserv sop #channelname nickname +AOafhiorstv

If you dont wanna let people see access list, Don’t use “A” flag

/msg chanserv flags #anonymous nickname +V

If you wanna remove all flags of a user, use “-” instead of “+”

/msg chanserv flags #anonymous nickname -AV

..::| How can i add a your as “successor” in my channel?

/msg chanserv role #channelname add nickname +successor
/msg chanserv flag #channelname nickname +S

/msg chanserv role #anonymous add Anonymous +successor

..::| How can i add an owner in my channe?

/msg chanserv flags #channelname nickname +AFORaefhioqrstv

/msg chanserv flasg #anonymous nickname +AFORaefhioqrstv

..::| How can i see access list of my channel

/msg chanserv access #channelname list
/msg chanserv flags #channelname

..::| How can i see channel info?

/msg chanserv info #channelname

..::| How can i kick a user?

/msg chanserv kick #channelname nickname

..::| How can i ban a user?

/msg chanserv ban #channelname nickname!*@*.*
/msg chanserv ban #channelname *!username@*.*
/msg chanserv ban #channelname *!*
/msg chanserv kickban #channelname nickname reason

..::| How can i unban a user?

Remove all bans:
/msg chanserv unban #channelname

Remove just one user ban:
/msg chanserv unban #channelname nickname!*@*.*
/msg chanserv unban #channelname *!username@*.*
/msg chanserv unban #channelname *!*

..::| How can i akick a user?

P.S.:Just SOP and Channel owner can use this command

/msg chanserv akick #channelname add nickname*!*@*.* !T time reason

Dont use like these commands:

/msg chanserv akick #channelname add nickname!*@*.* !T time reason

/msg chanserv akick #channelname add nickname !T time reason

/msg chanserv akick #channelname add Anonymous*!*@*.* !T 30d Logger

..::| How can i delete/remove akick?

Check akick list:

/msg chanserv akick #channelname list

Delete/Remove an akick:

/msg chanserv akick #channelname del nickname!*@*.*
/msg chanserv akick #channelname del *!username@*.*
/msg chanserv akick #channelname del *!*

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