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By Doemela avatar | June 29, 2016 - 10:16 pm
Cyberguerrilla VPN

With the cGaN VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can configure your computer to securely route all its internet traffic through cyberguerrilla.org. This can be useful to prevent censorship, corporate surveillance, and monitoring by your ISP. HowTo’s are included in ▲menu

The cGaN VPN is different than most personal VPNs in a few ways:

  • We do not keep logs, other than a record of the day a user connects. Specifically, we don’t log any IP addresses and we never log DNS queries.
  • When you connect to the cGaN VPN, your computer will get its own public internet IP address.

Configuration in a nutshell

Although each client is different, there are five values that must be configured in your OpenVPN client:

  • VPN Server: IP (already set in opvpn config file)
  • Authentication method: password (already set in opvpn config file)
  • VPN username: your cyberguerrilla.org login (ie if your account is joe_hill.org, just enter ?joe_hill?) (already set in opvpn config file)
  • Password: your CgAnVPN password.
  • CA Certificate: All files needed you can download after account is made.
VPN provide privacy (protects data), TOR provides anonymity (protects user).
TOR connections to a VPN => OK, VPN conecction to TOR => GOTO JAIL!
We as the rest of other VPN provider’s wont go to jail for your crimes committed via VPN services!! So think forURself under which law U operate.

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