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By Doemela avatar | November 14, 2017 - 6:58 pm
CgAn IRC Tor Messenger setup

When you start Tor Messenger you will get two windows on the “Accounts – Tor Messenger” select New account

After selecting New account

Select the IRC protocol
Press the Next > button

Username: Your username you want to user on IRC
Press the Next > button

If you already register on IRC enter password here else leave blank.
Press the Next > button

Port: 6697 | select Use SSL
If you want you can fill in other empty input.
Press the Next > button

Check your filled data.
Press the Finish button if all is correct.

Press the Connect button

First time connection will fail because of cert you will get a “Add Exception” link. Select that link and add the to the Exception.
Because of being a loadbalance onion it will ask that several times on next connetions.
goes to

  • 6dvj6v5imhny3anf.onion
  • imb27556jpb6g65j.onion
  • The below fingerprints may be used to verify the identity of cyberguerrilla IRC server’s.

Type /join #opnewblood

#opnewblood channel is IRC/Anonymity/help/Noob orientation so good start if you need help.

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