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By Doemela avatar | June 29, 2016 - 9:57 pm
Cyberguerrilla IRC Client setup

This will help you connect to our IRC network using various clients, anonymizers and methods. Addresses shown here might be outdated read through this entire document. Everything is explained in detail and if you follow these instructions you won’t have any problems connecting to our IRC. If you still need help you can join the #help channel on our IRC.

About SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption library. It encrypts data sent over the internet (among other things) to improve security. It’s third party software and may not come with your operating system. You have to verify you have the SSL library installed before you can use it with your IRC client. One option is to get OpenSSL which is free software and is available for any OS.

The following installers are available for Windows:

For most users this installer will be sufficient. It installs version 0.9.8 which any software that uses OpenSSL (mIRC, XChat, Chatzilla…) will be able to use. If you’re an advanced user you can check this webpage and get the latest version.

If you’re on Linux search for OpenSSL in your package manager and install it using that, if not already installed. Not all repos have the latest versions. You should use the most recent version available. After you’ve installed the OpenSSL libraries you will have to specify that the connection you’re trying to establish with your IRC client should use SSL. This is usually done by adding a switch such as -ssl, -s, etc. This is explained in detail in sections on specific IRC clients.

Connecting to IRC using mIRC

This section explains connecting to our IRC using mIRC. Make sure you’ve read the Tech info and prerequisites section for details on SSL, IPv6 and Tor.
Connecting using a standard connection

Default command for connecting on mIRC is /server -m [port]. So to connect using a standard unencrypted connection you would type:

/server -m irc.cyberguerrilla.org

The default IRC SSL port is 6697

Connecting using SSL

If you’ve installed SSL libraries you will specify the SSL port and include the ssl switch, depending on the format. See below. The SSL port on all our servers is 6697 You can either add the -e switch which specifies that the connection should use SSL:

/server -m -e irc.cyberguerrilla.org 6697

or you could just prefix the port with the + sign which does the same thing.

/server -m irc.cyberguerrilla.org +6697

This will connect you over IPv4 using an SSL encrypted connection.

Connecting to IRC with XChat

This section will explain how to connect to IRC using XChat(Or any XChat variant).
Connecting to IRC using SSL. With XChat there should be no extra steps needed to use SSL. The SSL libraries are installed with XChat on Windows and Linux.

To connect to our IRC using SSL do the following:

/server -ssl irc.cyberguerrilla.org 6697

Note that you need to specify the port number. All our servers use 6697 for SSL connections. You should always use an SSL connection for better security.. IRC is a plaintext protocol so it is recommended that you use SSL encryption

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