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By Doemela avatar | November 13, 2017 - 6:41 pm
CgAn XMPP IM Tor Messenger setup

First create an account at cyberguerrilla IM service, visit register at cyberguerrilla.org
When you start Tor Messenger you will get two windows on the “Accounts – Tor Messenger” select New account

After selecting New account

Select the XMPP protocol
Press the Next > button

Username: same as by register at cyberguerrilla.org
Domain: fill in jab.cyberguerrilla.org
Press the Next > button

Password: same as by register at cyberguerrilla.org
Press the Next > button

Scroll down and enter at Server u7o4xtwomx3hnumt.onion
Press the Next > button

Check your filled data.
Press the Finish button if all is correct

Press the Connect button

First time connection will fail because of cert you will get a “Add Exception” link. Select that link and add the u7o4xtwomx3hnumt.onion to the Exception

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