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By Doemela avatar | April 10, 2017 - 4:18 pm
The manifesto of

We started to engage in many activities similar to what we had experienced in the past each time we brought this incredible time in our lives during operations and in IRC we were all reminded that this is no longer the pasts, and that we did not understand anything about cyberspace.

The Clash – Guns Of Brixton was an excellent song, which many of us related to, as we fought so hard in the streets, the universities and political forums throughout the world at that time we had a idea. We even went ahead and fulfilled much of it we were at that time “comrades” to all terminology which seems to now be molested, harassed and stuck into a myopic vision sometimes referred to as terrorism.

“You can crush us, you can bruise us. But you’ll have to answer to” — expect the world.

in which we had dedicated great amounts of water, acquired networks and talent. Having struggled so hard in the past on similar if not identical issues, sold out for profit and using dynamic statements and rules for their current cause which they believe is so much just their own! No idea, no sincere thoughts, debate, respect or admiration for what had been giving you to work with. You have destroyed the principle of privacy, which we did inherit given to you. You have given no thought whatsoever to the idea, which you so wildly destroy. When it is we who work so hard to insert those things which we knew were necessary.

We don’t think you pay attention at all to the significance of what you have intentionally created with no thought whatsoever. How dare you create a myth and substantial allusion about the true meaning of freedom, truth, empowerment or safety.

“Twitter stands for freedom of expression, speaking truth to power, and empowering dialogue. That starts with safety.” —

Maybe you have missed the memo or are so busy with collecting bribes that you refuse to pay attention to those things which are operative? God damn you. tell that to Mo’s wife and children that led us during #OpLibya and #OpFeb17. We gave the people of Libya as much assistance as we could. Just as much of our heart and mind for our brothers and sisters. As we have so freely given all of the Middle Eastern uprisings and other locations around the world.

You wish to maintain the greatest level of anonymity that you can? We also enjoy anonymity we also lost so much more than you will ever know in order to give you a world that all of us continued to participate in to have certain freedoms inherent in society is, what would allow us to have the greatest right on this earth the right to say FUCK YOU , FUCK YOUR RULES and FUCK ALL government’s. We cherish this right we will not destroy this right nothing is ever adequate enough. For those that wish to complain, adequacy has many definitions as many as the amount of people defining it.

Many people have been involved in doing what they thought was best. Each of us must seriously decide what is best at the moment, tomorrow and forward. In a world that is constantly changing which should be obvious to all of us, it is imperative that we not forget that we are changing as the times are changing as we are requiring change. When we receive it whatever it is nothing will be the same. Including ourselves.

And we could continue these for as many decades as we have spent in becoming aware of the hypocrisies. We have never stopped caring, never stopped questioning, never stopped fighting and most importantly never stopped believing that there has been and will continue to be a world worth loving, caring about, fighting for and leaving for all children of the future. May we never forget that we are anything but children on this earth. We have always played hard but at the end of the day we remember what we learned in kindergarten: I must always share my toys, I must always clean up after myself, I must always expect a boo-boo if I stick my finger in a fire, do not eat boogers and lastly always take a nap and put my mattress away at the end of a hard day growing up.

“Change the world by changing your self and your diapers” – OpNoPro during the great IRC wars of 2011, many magnets required in Sector B.

NOTE: And lastly, to all of our haters and everybody else that we have had a wonderful time with. we want to say thank you for allowing us the opportunity to have met you all. To the idiots that do not understand our persona it fly’s the troll flag so proudly.

“Yes, I have always said a degree of transparency is required in order to attain true anonymity. You have heard me say, O Lord, if I am going to prison, please let me meet who I am going to sleep with first.” – OpNoPro

Namaste The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you

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